Kominka Sandwich Café MONI sandwich & café
The shop is colorfully decorated and great for Instagram posts,
so being able to take photos here is another great point.
This is a café with a relaxed atmosphere that also has a certain cuteness to it.

Because sandwiches and sides featuring seasonal Okinawan-grown fruits are offered,
please make sure to stop by when you come to Okinawa



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Sandwiches with seasonal ingredients

Sandwiches with Seasonal Ingredients

Sandwiches featuring Okinawan-grown fruits and outstanding sides that change with the seasons are offered here. There are local sightseeing spots (Churaumi Aquarium, Sesoko Beach), etc. nearby, so please take a convenient MONI sandwich with you to eat when you head to the beach.

make it a quick snack

make it a quick snack

Please have one when you’re traveling, busy or taking a snack break. The portions are also the perfect size for easy eating, and this is a product created with nutrition in mind. Please stop by if you’re coming this way.

A Colorful Kominka Café

This Kominka Café gives off a calm atmosphere, but this shop also pays careful attention to cuteness. It sells sandwiches and drinks, etc., that are perfect as light meals or snacks.

Shop introduction

A sightseeing spot with beautiful views

Okinawa has various sightseeing spots such as Sesoko Beach, Churaumi Aquarium, Bise Fukugi Street, Emerald Beach, Nakijin Castle, etc. Guests can have a beautiful and satisfying experience no matter which sightseeing spot they visit. Please try visiting these when you come to Okinawa.

Sightseeing Information

Access  1-minute walk from
the Sesoko Community Center


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